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Our Stellar Clients

We are a small vigorous design/print enterprise where the lines of communication are short, the service is personal and our client's goals always come first.

We are most fortunate to work with an amazing array of clientele - they are the foundation of our business and without them, we quite simply, would not exist. Below is a small sample of the stellar clients we work with.


“Lisa and I have worked together on design and print projects for various clients of mine for the past 15 years. It has always been a pleasure. Her turnaround time is unbelievable, yet the work is top-notch. She always keeps her promises, which makes me look good with my clients. She also has a unique perspective on life, which translates into interesting ideas for her design. I’ve recommended her to others in the past and would do so again without hesitation." -Grace Lazzara, President, G. Lazzara Inc. _________ “Lisa works hard to spread her creativity, positive attitude, and “joie de vivre.” It was a distinct pleasure of mine to provide photography services in support of her business, and to introduce others to her various and unique products.” -Mark Bernas, Mark Bernas Photography _________ “Lisa is highly creative and offers great products. She provided great shirts at a great cost to our NICU Parent Advisory Council. If you are thinking of buying any products you will not be disappointed.” -Charles Asbury II _________ “I had the pleasure of working with Lisa for 4 years during my tenure at the Genesee County Chamber of Commerce. She was always professional and a pleasure to work with. Her creativity and deadline oriented approach to projects was a life saver on every project. I’d recommend her for any print design work.” -Brian Staebell

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